Jana Lee Music


Jana Lee is a strong, passionate women who loves to entertain. Since she was able to talk singing was second nature to her. Growing up she would sing for anyone who would listen. Her favorite moments were at family and friend get togethers where she would let loose and belt out a song to all who would listen. Jana also loved to play piano and violin and realized at a young age creating music was her gift. As she grew older she constantly wrote music and continued to sing and perform and realized she also had a natural ear for sound, so she decided to utilize this and learn all she could about voice and sound. She became a vocal coach and began mixing sound for local bands.
Jana Lee’s earlier singing years were spent performing in church and in school. After singing gospel music for most of her life, Jana decided to take her music in a new direction and formed the band, Silk-N-Sword.  The band was together for six years, recorded many demos, and there was a CD release (“True Identity”).  Jana left Silk-N-Sword and decided to focus more on performing her music, teaching, and mixing sound for local bands.  She also continued to write and record her own music and the CD, “Close My Eyes” was released.   Jana then released a Christian single, “Your Arms” dedicated to a close friend.

Jana Lee is currently performing, writing, teaching, and recording new music.